Pet Resources

Lost and Found Pets 

If you have lost your own pet, or if you find a pet or stray animal, the best thing you can do is to file a Lost or Found Report to alert Chatham County Animal Services (the county’s shelter that services all of Chatham County, including the Town of Thunderbolt).  You can file a report here

Additional information about steps to take if you lose or find a pet, and information about animals that have been found or lost and reported to Chatham County Animal Services, can be found here.

Pet Registration

Pets over four (4) months of age should be inoculated for rabies and registered with Chatham County Animal Services.  For information about registering your pet with Chatham County and obtaining a rabies vaccination, please see the Chatham County Animal Services website at: 

Chatham County Pet Registration

Other Pet Resources

If you need additional information or assistance with your pet, including help with food, training, medical care, supplies, etc., please see the Chatham 90 website, which is a new website that has been formed to provide pet-related information to all Chatham County residents, including Thunderbolt citizens. The Chatham 90 website can be viewed here